Sumana Shakya

Born in Lalitpur, Sumana Shakya grew up in the midst of traditional practices that have been alive for many years. She has always been delighted to see paubha paintings hung in the puja rooms and handicraft shops. She was introduced to Newar traditional paintings by her uncle, Yug Ratna Shakya. Her interests gradually took her in Nepal Traditional Handicraft Training Centre, Pulchowk to start her venture in traditional art field. She then enrolled in Kathmandu University, School of Arts for her further progress in art field.  She also joined Kazi Studio‚Äôs as a traditional artist in year 2016. Her artworks have been exhibited in 24 Odes, 2017, KU Meet and Greet 2018, Bandipur Landscape Project in Bandipur and Lalitpur, 2019, 53 Seconds 5 years later, 2020 Reminiscences: Histories from Home, 2020 and Perception, 2021.