Nija Maharjan

Nija Maharjan, an illustrator, graphic designer, and animator, intricately weaves her cultural heritage and personal connections into her artwork. As an MFA student at Kathmandu University’s School of Arts, Department of Art and Design, she passionately delves into the oral histories of the Newar community residing in the valley. Through captivating children’s picture books and animated videos, Nija artfully brings these narratives to life, preserving the rich heritage and traditions of her community.

Recently, Nija has embarked on a new path of discovery, nurturing a profound interest in research. Eager to broaden the impact of her work, she is excitedly exploring the possibilities of employing visual narratives as a means of effectively communicating and engaging with a wider audience. By fusing her artistic talents with rigorous research methodologies, Nija envisions sharing her findings in visually compelling ways, ensuring that her work resonates deeply and fosters a greater understanding among viewers.

Nija Maharjan’s journey as an artist, researcher, and storyteller is marked by a dedication to her roots, a commitment to cultural preservation, and an unwavering passion for engaging others through visual mediums.