Kripa Tuladhar

“ Why am I here?”, for her, to create is like getting closer to the answer of it. As she became conscious of existing in this reality, her body became the prime subject of her art-making process. She grew up in Kathmandu, where the hustle and bustle are so prominent, and the mundanity that life provides has become my peace and solace. And that solace has pushed her to create more. Like small moments in life, as small as raindrops touching her skin. The consciousness of being here, surrounded by the relationships we build and the space we choose to be in, influences her a lot.

She like to flow with her ideas and choose the medium that best suits them. But currently working with threads and beige linen clothes has been her main. Stitching the fabric pieces has been feeling like stitching long-lost feelings and traces that she want to collect.

For her studies, she is pursuing her Masters’s Degree in Fine Arts at Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Art and Design, which is helping her to push her limits as an artist. And she also working part-time as an art teacher at Kalaalaya, Shreegha, Kathmandu which has been a breath of fresh air to see students explore their creativity.