Divyakant Maisuria

Divyakant Maisuria completed Architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad in 2020 and Joined the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi to pursue Urban Design. During his studies, he interned at R+R Architects where he was involved in various housing projects for the city of Ahmedabad. In 2019, He got a chance to study at ENSAP-Paris, Belleville for 6 months from where he realized his interest in the relaƟonship between public spaces and people can enrich the lives of people in ciƟes. Exploring various ciƟes made him believe that ciƟes cannot be understood as a single homogeneous enƟty. Divyakant believes that design is a process of combining ideas and opinions shared on one table through discussion, experience, observaƟons, sketching, etc. With an eye for detail and an interest in conceptualizing design projects, he brings a unique direcƟon to the urban design project. His urban design thesis at SPA, New Delhi talks about the Influence of Mass transit in the context of Urban Villages where he found out that urban villages should have a comprehensive approach to urban design and planning that balances the preservaƟon of cultural heritage with the need for sustainable development.