Diksha Jain

Diksha Jain, an architect and emerging urban designer. Having experienced the vibrancy of multiple Indian cities, including Cuttack, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, andRaipur, I realized how profoundly these diverse environments have shaped her perspective. During her undergraduate studies in Architecture, she found herself drawn to exploring cities from various angles through reading, writing, and research. Recognizing that the impact of spaces transcends generations, she firmly believe in the necessity of crafting better cities since we, inturn, are molded by them. During her tenure at Designers Forum, while working on projects such as temple area rejuvenation, affordable housing, and road beautification, she realized a knowledge gap in effectively addressing urban issues. This realization prompted her to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Design at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi. Here, she discovered her passion for research and documentation, complemented by design, which she believe is lacking in the professional world of urban design. Thriving in diverse and multidisciplinary environments, she is always eager to expand her knowledge and explore our cities from multiple perspectives.She aspire to uncover the limitless possibilities that design offerswhile keeping in mind the importance of creating a world that cares for its citizens and leaves no one behind.