Deepali Khunteta

Deepali Khunteta an architect and emerging urban designer, she is driven by a profound belief in the power of a people-centric approach to design. She worked with a multidisciplinary studio, ‘Studio Lotus’ for two years and then completed her post-graduation from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, in 2023, with a specialization in Urban Design, thus gaining valuable experience.

Being an avid explorer, she love to document people, capturing their stories through her lens. She believe each person associates a space with a memory of their own, and hence every space speaks distinctive narratives of the past, reflections of the present, and aspirations for the future. For her, authenticity, and integrity are paramount, guiding every step of my creative journey.

With a commitment to creating meaningful spaces that resonate with people’s lives, she embark on future endeavors with unwavering passion and purpose, embracing adaptability and resilience along the way.