Amna Mawaz Khan

Amna Mawaz Khan, work intersects between art and politics. She began training at the age of 11 years, under Guru Indu Mitha in South Asian dance forms, kathak and Uday Shankar, with a focus in Bharathanatyam. From 2016-2018, she was appointed choreographer for the Pakistan National Council of the Arts. She have also written, acted, and directed theatre plays, performed in music videos and short films, and have been associated with theatre troupes Azaad Awaam Theatre, Theatrewallay and am a founding member of Laal Hartaal. She have performed and given workshops in China, India, Germany, Pakistan, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Since 2007, she have been engaged with political organizing, alongside my saathis in Awami Workers Party and Women Democratic Front. Her work centres around urban housing rights, artistic rebellion/creation, feminist interventions, and solidarity with progressive groups and movements.  In 2015, she stood for the local government elections in Islamabad, in the first women-led electoral panel in the country.
She hold a Master’s degree in Pakistan Studies from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, and taught a course, “The Aesthetics of Power/The Power of Aesthetics” at the South Asia Institute in the summer semester of 2022. Currently, she is in the second semester of the Masters in Transcultural Studies program at the University of Heidelberg.