Studying the City

Studying the City

Urban transformation and Placemaking: Fostering Learning from South Asia and Germany” presents

How to study the many layers and narratives of city? How to trace what is often invisible, reluctant to surface and be accessible, even if it is ubiquitous? Can we find tools that facilitate to study and make visible neighbourhoods, belonging, everyday heritages and mobilities, to mention only a few? What methods can we unpack from our disciplinary toolkits and connect and share across the disciplines, for teaching changes, experiences and practices in the urban fabric of Kathmandu, Delhi and Heidelberg? Lastly: how can we study cities affected by the Pandemic in their own ways, as the Pandemic also impacts our access or restriction thereof to the ‘urban field’?  We want to engage with some key approaches in the Humanities to studying the city by combining the reading of texts with discussions and, possibly, participants’ own materials.
The Pandemic and the thus enforced chains of lockdowns that paralysed our work and connections on site during 2020-21, made us develop modes of teaching and learning from each other digitally. The DAAD Themed Partnership Urban Transformation and placemaking offered four short online workshops to faculty and advanced students from SPA/Urban Design, Department of Art and Design/Kathmandu University and Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS). The workshops were co-curated by a member of each partner university, and each session was further enriched by the input from Prof. Dr. Tarini Bedi, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, Chicago (USA), at that time, International Fellow at the Department of Visual and Media Anthropology, HCTS, Heidelberg.  
This initiative was possible through funding from the University of Heidelberg, to help build up an ‘urban lab’ research-based teaching structure between Chicago and Heidelberg. It supports the development of interdisciplinary research-based teaching modules that can be translated into sustainable structures of collaborative learning and the planning of excursions of faculty and students from the partnership.  

Digital Methods with Prof Dr. Tarini Bedi
Curating the City with Prof Dr. Tarini Bedi and Sujan Chitrakar
Mapping the City with Dr. Arunava Dasgupta & Prof Dr. Tarini Bedi 
Walking the City with Prof Dr. Christiane Brosius & Prof Dr. Tarini Bedi

Time: 90 mins

Saturdays : Chicago: 8am – Heidelberg: 3pm – Delhi: 6.30 – Kathmandu: 6.45 / Zoom 

Funded by DAAD “Subject-Related Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education in Developing Countries