Tanmay Koley

Reflection of Kishangarh in my eyes; 

Kishangarh is one of an Urban village of Delhi’s 214 urban village, lies in South-West district of Delhi on the hills of Aravali between Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj. Situated behing Mehrauli, Kishangarh has a rich history rather than other urban villages. Old days when Mehrauli was in its shining period, Kishangarh supposed to a small village of Jatt communities and these villagers are depends their livelihood based on agriculture. Coming to the current scenario Kishangarh turns into a mixed community urban village with maximum number of migrant people and old owners are moved to better place in Delhi. Kishangarh became a low rental migrant space for migrants of India. In current days many north east peoples are shifting here for low rents and better future. This mix community also effect in the culture of Kishangarh people specially women, and it sees newer generation period also like their fashion, companionship etc. Kishangarh is changing everyday basis and we expect when metro will start the village will change again, more commerce, more rush and more communication will come, because of metro more migrants will come and it also help to rise up the rental amount. Right now, inside Kishangarh, public vehicular services are not available except auto and rental taxis, people use to go to the main road and take bus, rental auto and taxis towards metro or other places , but people of Kishangarh are like this scenario, they don’t want more vehicle inside village road it’ll bring more chaos. The height of built fabric of also changing, old buildings are use to be two stories but right now they are four to six stories and they are more danced, so streets are became more narrower than older lanes. 

In modern days, demand of land and economic growth of Delhi migrants change Kishangarh’s image and character, upcoming metro will give a new legibility, and village will see more diversification.    

A week of an Urban Village 

The Case of Krishangarh, Delhi






Being a very old urban village Kishangarh is now changing it’s built space and functions too, more commerce are coming with different community people, mostly all building owners give their lower section as a rental shops for local people. 

Morning View of Kishangarh

 Outside of Kishangarh’s has a different character rather than iner areas, these are more calm with outlines of buildings and their balconies, clothes and the other side is very busy chaos and hussy in mood. 

Leisure space of Kishangarh

Leisure spaces of Kishangarh are the parks (Sanjay van, machli park, DDA park) and mandir premises. 

The streets and their nature


Like other urban village Kishangarh’s streets also have same character and changed with time basis. Like in morning a street uses for loading unloading period and entry time for school Kids with their parents but in afternoon it becoms a bazar, shops, with school children (when schooling time is over). 

The village and it’s Streets with Photographs

The Mandir and surrounding

The dry pond inside mandir area

Courtyard premises with mandirs

The Mandir and surrounding


School run by a NGO inside mandir premises

The Mandir and surrounding

Outside street of mandir front gate

Cultural space indeed mandir premises

The village and it’s streets with photographs

The Mandir and surrounding

The entry point of Kishangarh village from Vasant Kunj side

Kishangarh Metro station work started

The Mandir and surrounding

Old structure of Kishangarh with new construction

The streets of Kishangarh

Informal settlement area of Kishangarh

Drainage problem of streets



Participants Bio

Tanmay Koley, born & brought up from Howrah, West Bengal. He is an Architect graduated on 2017 from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal and also practicing in Kolkata with different organization from past 4 years. During those days he worked and gathered many knowledge in real estate, building structures, urban neighbourhood and different stockholders. Urban design department of SPA Delhi gave him more deep knowledge about neighbourhood design with stockholders and also policy influences in Urban planning, Design & Infrastructure. This Organization gave him a chance to work with different western and sub- continental universities and explore their ideas with the cities, He think it will help him to work with ground level and team work in future in India or other country; Tanmay says.