Subodh Bhandari


The Delhi Trip was an amazing learning experience for me. Collaborating with artists, architects, urban planners, art historians, and geographers to comprehend the various layers of placemaking was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to learn and unlearn many ways of viewing a space during my time working there.

While I was there, I noticed how the urban village of Kishangarh had evolved through time and how its residents had adapted to that change. When asked about their connection to the space during our interviews, some residents and tenants provided varying narratives. As I pay great attention to the environment, I discover that everything has a story to tell, including the people, buildings, streets, and even the trash on the sidewalk. My understanding of space and placemaking has been expanded by the various layers of narration I have seen.

During this multidisciplinary exchange, I learned a lot about each other’s work practice and methods and how we can complement them and implement them into effect as a team. Collaborations like this, inspires us to push our area of disciplines and explore different fields.


Exploring Temporalities

The Case of Kishangarh







Participants Bio

As a visual artist, Subodh narrates his observation about the space and people through different visual forms. Looking at the changes around him, Subodh explores the idea of transformation and sense of belonging and its impact on people and space on different layers.