Sambridhi Ratna Shakya

We had a fantastic opportunity with our trip to Delhi, especially Subodh and me as we were probably not part of the original plan. The information and expertise shared between Heidelberg, SPA, and us were excellent. I learned a lot from fellow colleagues in terms of advice, knowledge, and methods. This multi-disciplinary initiative, in my opinion, has improved my understanding of the world and unquestionably helped me in my own artistic attempt.

Delhi, in my opinion, is merely a larger version of Kathmandu. But, Kishangard was something unique and challenging to understand. I continuously sought out my personal connection to the place throughout each visit since the sense of familiarity in some ways aids me to navigate my own sense of understanding.

As exhausting as it was, the interviews we conducted were interesting and informative. Although they had conflicting emotions regarding the village’s urbanization, they were undoubtedly positive in general. They have adjusted to the changes and will probably do so further when more modifications are implemented. The majority, in fact, are eagerly awaiting the next changes (Metro station). One of the main elements that will significantly affect Kishangard’s future is the metro, but everyone appreciates this change. It will undoubtedly bring both positive and negative changes, but people here are aware that change is a natural part of life and that every change has these contributing components.

The locals or those with a decent income will be able to live comfortably, while the others who do not have a comfortable income will adjust by surviving on a daily basis. And this is the universal way of existence. While some people will be concerned about the change, for others, it’s just about getting by the day.

Kishangarh: Everyday Aesthetics | Journal Sketches | 2023

The everyday tasks or mundane routines bring the concept of Space to life, particularly in Kishangarh, which is still going through a transitional phase. Here, the people are just trying to get through the day, regardless of how difficult it may be, as they are more concerned with the ‘present’, and it is crucial to acknowledge such activities as they influence the functioning of the space through social, cultural, economic, and even religious factors.





Kishangarh: Today and Tomorrow | Digital Collages | 2023

Kishangarh is in a transitional period and is caught in-between times. The village has its historical traces, and then these flyers and advertisements reflect its present status which serve as evidence for urban transition.

As for the future, it’s the Metro itself. The ‘village’ as the people know it, will soon be in memory as this will welcome significant changes and chances which everybody is eager to see.









Participants Bio

Sambridhi Ratna Shakya is an upcoming multi-disciplinary artist, who resides and works in Patan. He is pursuing his BFA in studio arts from Kathmandu University School of Arts. He enjoys drawing illustrations of architectural and heritage sites, especially those in Patan, where he grew up, and spends the utmost time.