Kabir Kayastha

The South-South Excursion around Patan, Khokana and Sunakothi was very informative. Strolling around the Patan, specifically, Patan Dhoka, Pimbahal, and Nagbahal with Anil Chitrakar was the reviewing our history, formation of the ancient patan city as a kingdom, he explained the urban designing of the city patan at that time, during Malla period. From the explanation, it is to be clear that the urban development at that time was really convenient for the public, as per their need, and also for the tourists.

The second day of the excursion was at the Sunakothi and Khokana; both of them happened to be affected by the extended urbanization of the city at the present time. At Sunakothi, the project was the road expansion that connects the ring road of Kathmandu to Hetauda – which will decrease the travel time than the existing road connecting Kathmandu and Hetauda. The problem arises as the road expansion would seem to seek the displacement of the city that existed for a very long time. The residents there claim that the city has the significance of being there and no other places, the city becomes alive with the festivals and Jatras that happen every season.

The very similar problem is faced by the people of Khokana as the Fast Track Project was proposed. The road would pass through and next by the Sikali Temple that has its own cultural and historical significance – would completely change the structure of the city.

Participants Bio

I am Kabir Kayastha living in Bhaktapur, embracing its aesthetics. Growing up with its practicing traditions, cultures, festivals and jatras, I would love to represent my locality through my works. I am currently studying in Kathmandu University, School of Art, Department of Art and Design pursuing Bachelors in Fine Art.