Curating the City

Curating the City

Workshop 2, July 31, 2021. Curating the City. Taught by Prof. Dr. Tarini Bedi and Sujan Chitrakar

This workshop presented in collaboration with Sujan Chitrakar, Artist and Curator from Kathmandu University and PI of this DAAD Initiative tackled the question of how artists, designers, and anthropologists can collaborate on curatorial work. Chitrakar elaborated on various challenges and formats of curating the city with a particular focus on public art events such as PhotoKathmandu 2015 in the Kathmandu Valley, particularly in response to post-earthquake setups. 

Dr. Bedi’s presentation specifically focused on how to convert your ethnographic fieldwork into a curatorial project/exhibition, in the field of design anthropology and techniques to materialize the urban landscape. 

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